Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ransom Virus

These companies have developed many programs which are very effective in helping those people who use those programs to work. Many of the offices are dependent on such soft wares. Normally these soft wares are developed with the intention of creating a program which can be helpful for people to work by improving the efficiency. But human mind is a genius and when people start using their minds towards the negative side, the problem becomes serious. Ransom Virus is one such problem. The viruses are actually those programs which are created by the people to create problems in the use of computers. Virus may be of many different types. Some of the viruses are so strong that the whole computer system may crash if any such virus enters your system. Some of them simply effect by reducing the speed of your system. Ransom virus is a virus which creates a lot of trouble for those in whose computer this virus enters.

Ransom virus is usually sent by along with a spam e-mails. Till now this virus has been detected in Russia most commonly. The e-mail which actually is a spam is sent to the people with a subject line which is very interesting and due to this people may open the e-mail. Now if the e-mail is opened the ransom virus will enter your computer system. Ransom virus is attached to such e-mails which have higher open rate. The statement in the subject line may be an attractive job offer or something like that which forces the people to open rate e-mail. In this way ransom virus enters your computer.

It is very important that you protect your computer from ransom virus. The ransom virus will affect the performance of your system. It will not let your computer to work at its normal pace. Its accuracy and efficiency may also be affected. Protecting your computer from ransom virus is very important. There are many small steps you should take to protect your system form ransom virus. You must install the virus firewalls to protect it from ransom virus. Other such techniques as suggested by the software experts should also be used to protect the computer from ransom virus. You must also be choosy about the e-mails you open. The spam e-mails are the major tool used by the people to spread viruses like ransom virus. Normally the open rate of the spam e-mails is not very high. People do not open spam e-mails as every one is tired of receiving lots of such e-mails on daily basis. To avoid getting ransom virus or any other virus you must be careful about the spam e-mails.

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