Tuesday, April 03, 2007

How To Rip A CD

MP3 is a common way of storing music on the computer. It is widely used because it compresses the audio file to a small size so you can ultimately squash more files on the hard-drive. If you are any sort of music fan, you probably would have heard of this already and both possess a CD Ripper and a Portable MP3 Player.

The reason MP3 is so popular is because you can organise your MP3 to play tracks for hours on end back to back. You do not need extra room in the house to store your CDs, you can rearrange songs and play them to your hearts content with the convenience of them being at your fingertips.

For those of us who have little knowledge in this arena, this article is written for you.

The reason MP3 has become popular is it's specific aspect of utilizing all the space you have available on your computers hard-drive.The average CD uses around 700mb of memory whereas the MP3 file uses close to 60mb of memory. This is a huge saving of space, almost a tenth of the memory of a CD.

The most common question people ask and the most vital one is 'Does it affect sound quality at all?'

The simple answer: There is no difference at all. Your album should ultimately sound exactly like your CD.

Having that answered the next big question asked about MP3 is 'How to rip a CD?'

Converting a CD into an MP3 file is relatively a simple task to do providing you have the right software. It literally comes down to the software you are using, but most of them on the market are simple to use and self explanatory.

Here are a number of steps you can take to rip your favourite album.

1. Purchase a good quality CD Ripper Software

2. Insert your CD into the CD-Rom drive - The software should start immediately and present you with the various tracks, the artist and the track listing.

3. You press the appropriate button and the software will 'extract' the disc and compress it into a smaller size and then save it with an MP3 file extension.

Voila...You are done!

Once you get the hang of it you can rip any CD.

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